Interview with Kimberly

Written by Kimberly Faber, Travel Consultant

Question 1: What is your area of travel expertise?

Answer: Youth Travel.

Q2: What cities have you travelled to?

A: Bogota, Cartagena, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Lucerne, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Gdansk, Antwerp, Munich, Klaipeda, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Ottawa.

Q3: Which one was your favourite and why?

A: St. Petersburg was by favourite because when I was young I learned about the history in Russia. Ever since then I always wanted to see and learn more first hand. The palaces were breath taking and every building seemed to have some kind of history to it.

Q4: What is the oddest delicacy you’ve eaten?

A: It depends on the person as to what they find is the oddest delicacy. I’ve had Escargot, Frogs legs, Caviar, Pickled Herring. The foods that I struggled with the most was the frogs legs and the herring because when I had them, you could see the back legs of the frogs and you were holding the whole fish minus the head and the guts for the herring. I just can’t eat foods in general where I can see the body or have it looking back at me.

Q5: What’s been your most memorable excursion or experience on a vacation?

A: I think my most memorable experience while on a vacation was trying to see and do everything in Rome in one week. In one week I did as much as possible and barely saw a fraction of what can be seen while in the city. But I know that I did what I could and saw the major stuff I wanted to see. I would love to go back again. Plus the food was AMAZING! I still dream about it!

Q6: What’s your favourite time of year to travel?

A: In the fall because that’s usually when all students are back in school and those who are parents don’t typically travel because their children just started school. The weather is often good as well.

Q7: What’s next on your travel bucket list?

A: I’d like to go to Japan, New Zealand and Australia eventually. My next trip I would like to check off next would be Scotland. Both my boyfriend and I have roots from there so it would be fun to explore that a little more and of course go to the Loch Less!

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